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Back to the Middle Ages

Published February 15, 2012 by wasstraw

Today I came home around 4:00 p.m. and got on Facebook to see what was going on, and was shocked by what I saw posted by the local news channel {FOX23 in Tulsa} that we watch. The title read: “Personhood Bill passes Oklahoma Senate”, and the description stated: “The State Senate passed a bill that declares life begins at conception.”
My first reaction to this was “I’m sorry, but have I woken up in the 19th Century?!”, which I promptly posted in the comments section of the post. I was shocked even more by seeing the posts piling up that applauded the move. Yes, I said APPLAUDED. Fortunately, I was not he only one to protest, and I added a few more comments myself. They were as follows:
“Also, if life started at conception, then the embryo would be able to live on it’s own, without the life-support of the mother. It can’t!”     [4 likes]
“Women of all ages, married or not, rich or poor, get abortions. Each one has their own reason for not wanting a pregnancy at any particlular time in their lives, and that should be their right.” [2 likes]
“Also, if life started at conception, then the embryo would be able to live on it’s own, without the life-support of the mother. It can’t!” [4 likes]
One lady name Wendy Smith posted many times as well, including the following:

“How can anyone claim to be pro-life when they have no regard for the life of the mother/parents, no regard for the life of the child past birth, no regard for the lives of murdered doctors and clinic workers who may or may not have ever par…ticipated in performing an abortion. You aren’t pro-life. You are anti-choice, anti-woman. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Facts are facts. Abstinence only education doesn’t work. Comprehensive sex ed programs are more successful at reducing unintended pregnancies and by extension reducing abortions (not to mention STDs). Access to resources like birth control and reproductive health is more successful at reducing abortions. Stop treating the symptoms and you’ll see more actual progress. You want to stop abortion? Promote education, birth control, medical resources, and reduce the stigma surrounding these things and you will finally be doing some good. These decisions should be between a woman and her partner and her doctor.” [5 likes]
Another person named Nicah Harris posted this:
“People so miss the bigger picture in this debate, which is, you never ask the government to take away a right they have already given you!! You might ask them to make the right better but to ask them to resend a right they have already bestowed is stupid! I can only imagine the next law they go after! Look out all you right to bear arms people maybe your next! Just something to think about. If they take away one groups rights who’s to say your groups not next!” [4 likes]
So at least I am not alone in this fight in this highly conservative state. Thank goodness!